I am from canada, yes I know canada, the winter wonderland, where we ride are walruses to work, and have maple pancakes and syrup for breakfast. I do say eh quite a lot, eh? so I guess I am kinda a stereo type haha. We Canadians are pretty simple, were easy to get along with, and were not all Inuit people living in igloos like most would presume, no were laid back,kind, caring, willing to help are fellow man whenever needs arise. That being said I have many complaints about canada, I never said I like it here, I am just very much a canadian. First complaint for me is that canadian websites absolutely suck, like amazon for example is probably the best example of this. Was on the computer last night and wanted to order something, I was happy, delighted even when I discovered they had what I was looking for, clicked add to shopping cart, and then the disappointment set in, I had realized I was on the amazon.com website not the canadian one. So I decided to go on this barren wasteland of a website called amazon,ca, to try and track down what it was I was trying to buy. I searched for it in the search bar but nothing came up, I figured well maybe I had misspelt it and decided to try again, and still no luck. Now this ticked me off not gonna lie, I mean it wasn’t like I was oredering a sex toy for Christ sakes, just some pills from natural remedies. I decided to search around the site a bit and see if it had anything at all which I might be interested in purchasing. I was absolutely shocked by how shotty of a selection of merchandise we have on are site compared to the American one. Amazon must just think Canadians just like to sit at home and read or play video games, cause all that’s really on that site are books galore and gaming gear. There is other stuff there, like computers and tvs and stuff like that, however they pale in comparison to the selection the Americans get. I really hate living in Canada at times, but really its probably the safest country to live in at the moment, its really the only reason I can think that works in Canada’s favor. Now I don’t want to live in America, never have wanted to really, I just hate being treated like the little brother who gets the hand me downs from his older brother, which in this case Canada being the little brother and America being well you guessed it. It sucks to be a Canadian, were constantly mocked on tv by pretty much every station, and I jjust get sick of hearing it. Canada gets made fun of left and right, and nothing happens, you make fun of any other country and they will get pissed off. Canada just seems like a weak little pusse of a country, as we are such peace keepers and peace lovers, we never retaliate, we never show any signs of aggression what so ever,  and I just think Canada needs to show the world were more then Americas little brother. so much more then that, and we as Canadians deserve more respect. I hate how almost nothing gets imported here really, the figure why bother I suppose, which sucks for people like me who like owning things from other countries, mainly electronics. Anyways this is my rant for now, more to say about this matter, but it could go on and on for like 100 pages, I mean I could write a book about the annoying things I find with this country. Anyways this is nick signing off, have a good one my fellow readers.